Thorworld’s exceptional range of aluminium Dockplates offers light and convenient container link solutions in a variety of sizes, with bespoke variations – ideal for safe and secure use in the Loading Dock Area.

Designed for manoeuvring lower capacity equipment in and out of containers, such as roll cages, sack trucks and pallet trucks, Thorworld’s Dockplates can manage load weights of between 500kg-3630kg, and can also be safety used by pedestrians, with the addition of their feature antislip finish.

Construction and design

Our Dockplates have been reliably constructed using flexible aluminium, making them light enough to be moved by hand, as well as compact enough to be conveniently stored.

In standard form the plates are moved using built-in loop type lifting handles, though options for fork-truck lifting handles or side curbs fitted with castors for easy movement are available.

A single pair of locking legs is included as standard which slot between the vehicle and loading bay in order to lock the plate in position. Where large gaps (over 150mm) are encountered, additional or bespoke locking legs may be required – contact us for information.

Bespoke equipment
If a more bespoke solution would better suit the requirements of your loading bay, then Thorworld can design a tailor-made Dockplate specific to purpose.

Effective solutions
Sizable height variations can also be accommodated with the use of a fixed height ‘primary ramp’ and a additional Dockplate, which attach together using a simple pin system at the side of the ramp.

Light and manoeuvrable, the ramps have been purposefully designed for easy movement and efficient storage.