The Mini Dock Leveller provides a safe bridge between the loading dock and vehicle for personnel and equipment where a conventional Dock Leveller would not be appropriate.

Two models are available to suit differing capacities: the high profile (HP) option is only suitable for hand/sack truck operations, while the low profile (LP) model is suitable for normal trucks.

Designed for ease of use, minimal manual effort is required to install, operate or maintain the Mini Dock Leveller.

Balance is optimised because the ramp is pivoted at its centre, ensuring that all loads are taken on the ramp alone and not the balance mechanism.

For safety, each side of the unit features integral buffers to aid vehicle positioning and prevent damage, while the ramp itself incorporates an anti-slip surface.

Automatic parking of the leveller after use removes the risk of tripping or falling, the vehicle driving away with the plate, or the ramp being left in the operating position where it might lead to collision.

While the Mini Dock Leveller features automatic operation of the plate to follows the rise and fall of the vehicle, the height variation is minimal therefore this is particularly suitable for companies with their own fleet of vehicles.