The Electro Hydraulic Dock Leveller is the ideal complement to your loading and unloading processes.

The low-pressure hydraulic system ensures ease of operation, enabling the leveller to be in position within seconds.  For seamless operation and to prevent a gap from appearing, the platform and lip follow vehicle movement when loading and unloading.

Depending on requirements, a Swing Lip or Extending Lip can be specified.  While the standard unit is rated at 6,000 kg single axle load, we can offer a number of other capacities.

This type of dock leveller is fitted into a pre-prepared fit to ensure an optimum fit in the loading bay.

NOTE: This product is only available on a supply / delivery / installation basis.  For long-term peace of mind, service contracts are available.

Safety features include a built-in safety stop, which locks the leveller into position in the event of power failure; and retractable sliding plates for toe protection.

A range of optional features is available to tailor your dock leveller for optimum performance.  These include: platform insulation; self-supporting frames; a continuous draft excluder; pit edge angles and pit box; a 500mm long lip (which can also be tapered on request); galvanised finish.  For extreme operating conditions, we also offer non-slip grip coating to provide further traction.