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The dock leveller is one of the most important items in any loading bay. As one of the UK’s most experienced suppliers of loading bay solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of dock levellers to suit your requirements.

In a busy loading environment, trucks must be loaded and unloaded quickly but safely – yet the height of the trailer floor will vary from truck to truck, depending on the vehicle specification and the nature of the load.

The dock leveller acts to bridge the gap between the truck and the loading bay, providing a reliable, permanent means of ensuring swift, safe loading and unloading.

On this site, we outline the essential information you need to know when choosing a dock leveller, as well as providing detailed specification of the various dock levelling solutions available.

Thorworld Industries offers a range of dock levelling solutions as part of its extensive portfolio of loading and unloading equipment – the widest selection available from a single source in the UK.

Options available include:

  • Electro Hydraulic Dock Leveller
  • Counter Balanced Drawbridge Leveller
  • Drawbridge Dock Leveller Ramp Combination
  • Mini Dock Leveller
  • Mini Platform Leveller

A range of ancillary devices, including restraint and protection products, seals and shelters and other loading/unloading accessories is also available from Thorworld.

Please call us on 01246 260602 to discuss your dock levelling requirements.