For more significant weight capacities of between 2500kg-6400kg, Thorworld’s range of Dockboards provides the ultimate solution for linking containers to loading bays, safely and effectively.

Ideal for use with fork trucks, our Dockboards are manufactured using lightweight, high tensile aluminium, to create strong, durable connecting ramps that are simple to use and easy to manoeuver.

Our Dockboards carry similar features to Dockplates, but are designed to take heavier capacities, and have the additional benefit of red-painted, steel side curbs to all models, to ensure complete safety for vehicles and equipment during use.

A single pair of locking legs is included as standard which slot between the vehicle and loading bay in order to lock the plate in position. Where large gaps (over 150mm) are encountered, additional (fixed or adjustable) locking legs may be required – contact us for information.

Due to the product weight, fork truck lifting handles are recommended for all Dockboards.

We can manufacture Dockboards with bespoke features to provide compatibility with your loading bay’s operation.  Whether that means modifications to allow access to containers at ground level, or the inclusion of extra fixed locking legs to help bridge larger gaps between vehicles and loading bays.

A complete system
Sizable height variations can also be accommodated with the use of a fixed height ‘primary ramp’ and a additional Dockplate, which attach together using a simple pin system at the side of the ramp.

Safe and simple
Reliable and effective, Thorworld’s  Dockboard equipment makes the ideal loading bay ramp solution.