When movement is required within a ramp mechanism, Thorworld’s Hinged Bridgeplates form an effective, mobile solution that can support load capacities of between 500 and 4000kg.

Our sliding solution
Manufactured using the same high tensile aluminium alloy plate as Thorworld’s Dockplates and Dockboards,  our Hinged Bridgeplates are fitted within a mating hinge rail (available separately), to allow the plate to travel to various positions within the loading bay.

The rail, which is fixed to the edge of the loading dock provides a smooth traverse for the Hinged Bridgeplate to be manouvered, and slid towards required locations within the loading dock.

The Bridgeplate’s hinged mechanism then allows it to be lowered into position, like a drawbridge, and secured into place before being effectively and safely utilised by your fork or pallet truck.

Features and safety
To ensure safety at all times, Thorworld’s Hinged Dockplates have been designed to feature a foot-operated locking clamp, to prevent the plate from falling forwards when stored in a vertical position.

This also acts as a useful barrier, and together with the 75mm painted edge guidelines and built-in antislip finish, furthers the safety features of our Dockplate equipment.  The plate itself has loop style handles for easy movement and a crowned and bevelled finish to allow smooth operation.

Tailored options
Manufactured individually, each Thorworld Hinged Bridgeplate can be made to include specific features that suit the function needs of specific loading bays.

Chain lifting handles, optional locking pins and additional handrails can be included within the design n of the plate, and anti-slip mats can also be fitted under the front of the ramp to resist movement.

Where height differences between containers and loading bays are greater than 155mm, longer Hinged Type Ramp combinations can be created to bridge the gap.

For ramps that exceed 1525mm, compatible cut-outs can be manufactured and fitted underneath, further assisting your fork or pallet truck to safely and successfully utilise our exceptional ramp equipment.

Also, if movement across the width of the loading bay is is not a requirement, but smoother transition is key, then Thorworld can offer a steel piano-hinge mechanism as an alternative option.