This purpose-built product enables the quick and effective loading of trains by providing a safe bridge between platform and train.

Portability is essential since there is great diversity between different carriages in their door position – and, of course, no two trains stop in exactly the same location.

The mini platform leveller overcomes these difficulties because it can be moved backwards and forwards along the edge of the platform into the correct position.  The leveller incorporates ergonomically designed lifting handles, and only a maximum of 8-9kg effort is required to lift the leveller into position.

The levelling plate and sliding mechanism are stored below the platform level for safety – not only does it prevent the risk of the leveller plate moving out into the path of the train, it also ensures that there are no tripping hazards when the ramp is not in use.

The levellers operate in a minimum envelope space of 100mm from the edge of the platform.  Platform heights from 1300mm can accommodate the unit